Craftsmen Studio

The name Craftsmen Studio is misleading due to the fact that it is plural. Craftsman Studio is a one man shop, Brett Johnson started building reproduction Stickley and Limbert furniture at the age of eighteen for his own home. Discovering he had a talent for the designs and construction of arts and crafts furniture along with a passion for the style he soon began selling the furniture. Developing a passion for Greene and Greene's exquisite and unique designs with a keen love for the light fixtures. He soon became the leader in Greene and Greene style lighting, building fixtures and shipping them around the world.


Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style furniture is one of the most simplistically beautiful and durable furniture available. Gustav Stickley once said that the beauty of this style should lie in the joinery and natural materials. The furniture is most commonly know for the use of through mortise and tenon joinery that shows the structure of the build and the precession of the craftsman ship. The furniture here is authentically hand crafted meaning each board is hand selected for both beauty and strength and every piece is hand cut, fitted, sanded, and finished. No computerized equipment is used. The best types of joinery are always used in each of the pieces found here, rather that be mortise and tenon, lap joints, dovetails, etc. The finish used on the furniture is some of the best available it holds up extremely well against water and UV damage. In short this furniture is built to last and of some of the highest quality available today.


The Greene and Greene inspired lighting is also authentically hand crafted using hand selected Mahogany with real Gaboon ebony. The best types of joinery are used for the construction of the fixtures. The fixtures are finished with hand made copper foil glass panels. This process is very involved each lead line outlines an individual piece of glass. These pieces are cut and ground, fitted together and the wrapped with copper foil. Once this is done the pieces are soldered together. The processes for building one of the fixtures can take several weeks. Craftsmen Studio also offers custom lighting, we can design a fixture specifically for your home. Rather you would like a piece to match the woodwork in your home stained glass windows or would simply like to have a one of a kind fixture.